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26 Days Fasting on Juice Only – My Story !


You’ve probably thought of fasting which is why you are searching. Imagine waking every day not eating for 1 month?

that’s what I did… real fast and it is hard !

One of the hardest discipline I’ve ever undertaken

Prayer on its own can be easy…

But to couple it with Fasting? It isn’t easy at all but the reward was great.

so why did I pay this huge sacrifice?

Here’s why I Fasted And Prayed

I had just turned 30.

Had a new baby – third child.

And could feel my life was unfolding at a rapid pace and had a more urgent desire to know my direction for life.

It wasn’t because of frustration, no.

It was a deep sense to keep pushing and pursuing a higher purpose.

A purpose that would outlive me.

In short, I wanted to:

  1. Connect with the divine
  2. revive my spirit
  3. receive revelations
  4. suppress my selfishness 
  5. Diminish Anxieties
  6. increase Mental clarity
  7. build inner strength for tough times ahead
  8. gain heightened awareness
  9. improve overall health (soul and body)

The reasons were endless…

Why I believed Fasting Works

I had read several examples;

  • Plato and Socrates fasted 7-10days for physical and mental efficiency
  • Pythagoras fasted for 40 days.
  • Aristotle, Plutarch, and the rest all praised it benefit
  • And the perfect one (Jesus Christ) went on a 40 day fast!

I was convinced…

so I took 3 months vacation from work and headed off to the camp when summer came.

My mom stayed with the new baby so it was easy for my wife.

If you are familiar with Branchville, NJ, there’s a camp there called Harmony Ridge Campground – that’s where i went.


5 Things I Took Along For The Fasting Retreat

  • A tent – Found a used one on craigslist and paid around $25 dollars. It was going to be my home for 40 days.

  • A journal – I took a brand new notebook just for taking note of ideas, revelations, random thoughts or experiences.
  • Fruits & Water – Bought watermelon, apples, and distilled water from Shoprite in Newton, NJ. My goal was to start off with the fruits and gradually switch over to water only.

  • Bathing Kit – Took a sponge, bar of soap, toothbrush, towel and bating slippers. I intended to take a shower per day.

  • Books on Fasting – I brought books on Fasting, purpose, prayer. This was to help keep the momentum going. Atomic Power With God by Franklin Hall was a key one.


Why is fasting and prayer so powerful:

The reason for its powerful effect is :

  • Because it’s a sacrifice.
    As you progress from 1 day fast to 7 days to 21 days fast your sacrifice increases. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. You’ll notice Jesus went as long as 40days to begin his life’s purpose and went on to end his ministry by laying down his life.As soon as you give your life, you’ve offered the ultimate sacrifice.Giving is the greatest sacrifice!II Kings 3:26-27:
  • Concentration
    As you fast, your concentration is bolstered and focus is multiplied. When this is combined with prayer, it becomes effective and powerful. Your prayer becomes fervent as your thoughts and energies are totally devoted in prayer. As it is said that the effectual fervent prayer of the rigtheous availeth much.

How long did I fast?

The length of a fast can be determined first with common & acquired sense and second by the leading of the holy spirit.

By Common/acquired sense, i just mean you have to understand the basics of human biology and that the body cannot stay long without food and water !

    1. The maximum is 3 days without food and water.

Some call this the absolute fast. 

Exceeding 3 days without water and food is not common and people have died going beyond this limit

It’s simply dangerous!

Even though it’s feasible, I’d do not encourage this type of fast because water remains the most important thing for human life.

By acquired sense, you will learn how to break a fast.

Mastering how to climb a mountain requires skill and descending also requires the same sort of skill.

That’s the case with fasting.

Coming out of a fast must be done with skill.

You will have to acquire this skill by reading other books (professional experience) and also listening to your body.

Again, not to scare, but people have died breaking or coming out of a fast the wrong way!.

  1. With water taken regularly, the maximum is 40 days.

Dr. Michael Peel gathered this and not more than 40 days the longest people could survive in his studies linked here.

So if you must fast, fast no more than 40days making sure you stay hydrated.

Types of Fasting?

I’ll classify types of fasting into three types depending on the diet involved:

  1. Absolute Fast
    You’ll not eat any food or drink water for 3 days.I described this a bit earlier. In scriptures, Esther (Esther 4:16) is an example. Saul is a 2nd (Acts 9:9)
  2. Water Fast

    You’ll only drink water every for a certain length of days you choose. It’s possible to go the length of 40days.
  3. Partial Fast
    You’ll take real food at the end of the fast each day. The fast starts when you wake up and then you break the fast at lunch or dinner time.
  4. Daniel Fast
    You’ll take fruits or vegetables every day for the length of days you choose. It’s possible to go the full length of 21 days as Daniel did.
  • Level 1: 1 to 3 Days Fasting
  • Level 2: 3 to 21 Days Fasting
  • Level 3: 21 to 40 Days Fasting When you start thinking of entering this level, you are probably looking for something greater! You’ve been inspired by Jesus, prompted by the holy spirit that you should do this for a greater calling. It is not for everybody, for this level requires much faith to enter.Moses, Jesus, Elijah, are the prominent examples in scripture.And they were all prophets…

Note: This article is still in progress.

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